Jointly promote a healthy, steady China-U.S. relationship

The two presidents’ diplomacies play a strategic leading role in the development of China-U.S. relations. The benign interaction between the two heads of state has drawn a blueprint and pointed a clear direction for the sound development of China-U.S. relations.

For some time, there are negative voices in the U.S. regarding China and the general trend of the China-U.S. relationship has been the concern of the world. During the meeting, the two heads of state agreed that China-U.S. relationship had to and would be properly handled, and reached consensus to propel a China-U.S. relationship based on coordination, cooperation and stability.

The important consensus reached on developing bilateral relations will promote the two countries to meet each other halfway, jointly safeguard the healthy and steady development of China-U.S. relations and work for global peace and prosperity.

As the world’s top two economies, as well as the largest developed country and developing country, though the U.S. and China enjoy broad common interests and space for cooperation, also encounter divergences in some areas. Dialogues and consultations are the key to solve these issues.

The basis for cooperation can be expanded and the cake of common interest made big as long as the two sides stick to the spirit of mutual understanding and mutual accommodation on the principle of equality and mutual benefit and solve issues regarding bilateral relations through friendly negotiations.

The results of Xi-Trump meeting once again prove that there are more common interests between China and the U.S. than differences, and the two countries see greater demand for cooperation than friction. Both China and the U.S. are wise enough politically to develop bilateral ties on the basis of no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation.

January 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of China-U.S. diplomatic relations. Over the past four decades, China-U.S. relations have generally moved forward steadily amidst ups and downs.

History and reality have indicated that cooperation is the best choice for both sides and win-win cooperation is the precondition for a better future.

The international situation is undergoing profound changes. Against this backdrop, China and the U.S. should follow the consensus reached by the two heads of state, proceed from the fundamental interests of the two peoples and that of people of the world to promote China-U.S. relations steadily toward a positive direction and bring more sense of fulfillment and sense of gain for the two peoples.  from People’s Daily




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